20 Companies Support Building Responsibly Principles


Twenty companies have signed a statement supporting the Building Responsibly Principles in a cross-industry effort to improve the rights and welfare of workers. Developed through the Building Responsibly business coalition, the 10 Principles establish a common, global baseline for the treatment of workers in the engineering and construction industry. 

Many of these companies met at a Contractor Safety Leadership Forum held by Shell on Wednesday 3 October 2018 to discuss and sign the statement of support. The statement also expresses the companies’ intentions to assess the Principles against company practices and integrate them into engagement with contractors.

Peter Nestor, Director of Human Rights at BSR (Business for Social Responsibility), which facilitates the Building Responsibly coalition, commented: “This is an important step in embedding the Building Responsibly Principles throughout the broader engineering and construction industry, as well as throughout other parts of the industry’s value chain. We will work with these companies and other stakeholders to develop the tools and guidance needed to operationalize the Principles on the ground.”