Engineering and Construction Companies Release Guidance Notes to Address Worker Welfare

October 10, 2019—Today, Building Responsibly released a series of Guidance Notes developed to help promote worker welfare in the engineering and construction industry. 

These Guidance Notes were created by Building Responsibly, a voluntary collective action collaboration of the global engineering and construction industry. The Guidance Notes build on the Worker Welfare Principles launched by the collaboration in June 2018 and have been informed by multiple consultations with external stakeholders. 

The Guidance Notes outline some of the key challenges around each Principle and provide a list of good practice options for companies to consider when addressing the challenges. The Principles and accompanying Guidance Notes series constitute the first major effort by engineering and construction companies to establish a common, global baseline for the treatment of workers.  

Building Responsibly’s Worker Welfare Principles were co-developed by the group’s member companies in consultation with external stakeholders. Building Responsibly member companies include Acciona, Bechtel, Fluor, McDermott, Multiplex, SBM Offshore, TechnipFMC, VINCI, and Wood. Together, these companies employ over 500,000 people and operate in more than 100 countries.  

Each Guidance Note corresponds with one of the 10 Principles (listed below), providing practical advice on implementation.  

  1. Workers Are Treated with Dignity, Respect, and Fairness 

  2. Workers Are Free from Forced, Trafficked, and Child Labor 

  3. Working Conditions Are Safe and Healthy  

  4. Living Conditions Are Safe, Clean and Habitable 

  5. Recruitment Practices Are Ethical, Legal, Voluntary, and Free from Discrimination  

  6. Access to Documentation and Mobility Is Not Restricted  

  7. Freedom to Change Employment Is Respected 

  8. Wage and Benefit Agreements Are Respected  

  9. Worker Representation Is Not Infringed 

  10. Grievance Mechanisms Are Readily Available 

“The publication of the Guidance Notes marks a milestone in our journey to work together on issues around worker welfare,” said Philip Vaughn, chair of Building Responsibly and executive director, government relations at Fluor. “The Notes are a concrete outcome of the Building Responsibly collaboration and are available as a resource for all companies in the engineering and construction sector.”