In the News: Launch of Building Responsibly

Verité welcomes the formation of Building Responsibly

Read Verité's article on the launch of Building Responsibly here.

Excerpt below:

"Verité welcomes the formation of Building Responsibly, an engineering and construction industry initiative, supported by Humanity United. Verité has been engaged in the engineering and construction sector in the Gulf Cooperation Council region for several years, assisting those companies and organizations who want to ensure the ethical recruitment and treatment of the millions of migrant workers employed in the sector."


New business coalition, "Building Responsibly", forms to protect workers' rights in construction industry

Read the BHRRC's article on the launch of Building Responsibly here. 

Excerpt below:

"Six major engineering and construction companies have formed a new industry-led coalition called "Building Responsibly" aimed at protecting workers' rights and welfare in global construction supply chains. In our December 2016 report, BHRRC recommended that companies "establish an industry group, with strong mechanisms for civil society input, to identify risk, share challenges and good practice, develop guidance and push for pre-competitive industry wide standards."


Building Responsibly is the Way Forward

Read the Fair Observer's article on the launch of Building Responsibly here.

Excerpt below:

"The formation of Building Responsibly represents an important first step forward for an industry that has been slow to address labor rights issues, especially in the Arabian Gulf region. Other engineering and construction firms around the world should join this new initiative. Collaborations like this can promote the sharing of best practices and the development of common industry standards and metrics."