Building Responsibly Guidance Notes

Building Responsibly has released a series of Guidance Notes developed to help promote worker welfare in the engineering and construction industry. These Notes build on the Worker Welfare Principles launched by the collaboration in June 2018 and have been informed by multiple consultations with external stakeholders.

Building Responsibly Business Case Brief

Building Responsibly has released the first in a series of briefs focused on the business case for engineering and construction companies to promote the rights and welfare of workers. This brief has been developed by industry-leading companies – in dialogue with experts from academia, civil society, government, and corporate law – to look at the increasing array of stakeholder and regulatory drivers that create a robust case for companies to implement responsible human rights policies and practices.


Building Responsibly Overview

Download this overview for a 1-page description of Building Responsibly and our work.

Addressing Workers’ Rights in Engineering and Construction: Opportunities for Collaboration

BSR conducted research to assess the feasibility of setting up a collaborative initiative that would address challenges that engineering and construction companies face to uphold workers’ rights in their operations and subcontracting supply chains. This research and report was supported by Humanity United in collaboration with CH2M.